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Employment-Based Immigration Attorney

Employment-Based Immigration in Chicago and Nationwide

The Law Office of Jennifer L. Bannett offers services in immigration law that can help employees work through the process of obtaining and employment-based visa. We offer the legal experience needed to navigate US Immigration Law.

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What is an Employment-Based Visa?

An employment-based visa allows an employer to sponsor an immigrant to fulfill the obligations of employment. There are both nonimmigrant and immigrant employment-based visa categories. Also, there preference categories for employment-based immigration cases and which category you may fit into will depend on things such as your academic accomplishments, your degree level, your experience, your extraordinary or other such skills, and if you are an executive or manager.

Employment-Based Immigration Case Types and Services

The ins and outs of employment-related immigration visas are complex. There are different designations and requirements for different levels and types of employees. JLB Law Group can help with these employment-related immigration services:

  • EB-1 Visas for Professionals with Extraordinary Skills

  • EB-2 Visas for Professionals with Advanced Degrees and Skilled Workers

  • EB-3 Visas for Workers with Experience

  • EB-4 Visas Religious Workers and Others

  • EB-5 Visas for Immigrant Investors

  • L-1A Visas for Managers or Executives

  • L-1B Visas for Individuals with Specialized Knowledge

  • E-1 and E-2 Visas for Treaty Traders or Investors

  • J-1 Visas for Exchange Programs

  • O Visas for Extraordinary Talent in Science, Music, Education, or Arts

  • P Visas for Artists, Athletes, and Entertainers

  • R-1 Religious Worker Visas

  • Changes of Status & Extensions of Status

  • Employment Transfers

  • Dependent Status Filings

Legal Assistance for Employers in Chicago and Nationwide

There are two sides to every fence. As much as immigrant employees need reliable advice and representation, sponsoring companies need help too. A skilled immigration attorney can help your company hire immigrant workers while staying on the right side of the law. 


Some of the services that an immigration attorney can help employers with include consulting on recruiting, hiring, and retaining immigrant workers. If a company does face a legal challenge involving a sponsorship, an immigration attorney can provide skilled representation to help navigate the situation to increase likelihood of a successful outcome. 

How JLB Law Group Can Help You Work in the US
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Whether you are an immigrant seeking employment in the US or an employer interested in recruiting global talent, JLB Law Group has a wide range of immigration law services to fit your needs. Each immigration case is unique.

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