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Family-Based Immigration Attorney

Family-Based Immigration Services with JLB Law Group

Immigration forms can be confusing, and participating in interviews can be intimidating, especially when there are language or cultural barriers. The Law Office of Jennifer L. Bennett can help families navigate the world of US Immigration Law, providing you and your loved ones with your best chance at staying together in the US. 

  • What is a Family-Based Visa?
    Family-Based visas are meant to keep immigrant families together by providing a green card for eligible family members of a US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). There are two main categories of family-based immigration cases: immediate relatives and family preference category visas. An immediate relative includes a spouse, minor child, or a parent of an adult US citizen. A family preference relationship includes a broader reach to include adult or married children over the age of 21 and their spouses and minor children, as well as siblings even
  • Which Relatives Can I Sponsor?
    Family-based immigration accounts for nearly 65% of all immigration to the United States. In most cases, an individual citizen or LPR sponsors 3.5 immigrants. The majority of these visas are awarded to immediate family members. However, at least 40% annually are awarded to family preference applicants. Spouse Minor Children (under 21 and unmarried) Fiance Adopted Children Adult Siblings Adult/Married Children and Their Families
  • Family-Based Visa Wait Times
    The wait times to receive a family-based visa vary depending on circumstance. Immediate family petitions generally do not have a waiting period. The processing time to receive approval for USCIS is about one or two years depending on location, timing, and other factors. Immigrants petitioning for family preference visas often face longer waiting periods. Several factors, including relationship, the strength of the application, and the number of available visas, directly affect wait times.
  • How We Have Helped Families Get Their Visas
    The Law Office of Jennifer L. Bennett can guide you through the immigration process, explaining the legal jargon in plain language to help you understand what is happening with your case. We have experience and knowledge in US Immigration Law and a commitment to working with clients from diverse backgrounds.
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