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Can an attorney really help me when I get accused of marriage fraud?

Being accused of marriage fraud can be a stressful situation in any new marriage. With your Interview coming up, you and your spouse are probably nervous even though your marriage is legitimate, and that’s normal. If you have been requested to appear for a second Interview, the purpose of it may be for USCIS to conduct what is known as a ‘Fraud’ or ‘Stokes-style’ Interview to really interrogate you and your spouse about your marriage.

They may separate you and your spouse during this interview and ask in-depth questions about your relationship history and life together. This includes questions pertaining to what you eat, TV shows you watch, where you sleep, and hundreds of other aspects of your home life. Your interviewer then compares the answers to determine if the marriage is in good faith or not.

That’s why it’s important to consult an immigration attorney prior to your interview. They can help with things like:

● Knowing what questions, you might get asked.

● Helping you to ensure you have obtained the proper documents that you need for your interview, including official forms and other papers like bank statements and utility bills that are in both of your names.

● Resolving any issues that might raise a red flag with your interviewer.

Having an immigration attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of not getting falsely accused of marriage fraud if you are in real good faith and bona fide marriage. Talk with the Law Offices of Jennifer L. Bennett today to help prove the legitimacy of your marriage!

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