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Can I ever come back into the US after being deported?

If you are worried about getting deported, you may also wonder if you will ever get the chance to re-enter the US again. Once deported, it can be hard to get another visa allowing re-entry. In most cases, deportees are banned from re-entering the United States between 5 and 20 years. And non-citizens who have been deported for committing an aggravated felony or having tried to re-enter illegally after deportation may be banned permanently.

While it is difficult to get another visa, it’s not entirely impossible. Eligibility to return to the Us is very much dependent upon the reason why the person was deported in the first place and the number of violations on their record, among many other reasons.

In some cases, people have been deported by mistake and after a while, new evidence has surfaced working in their favor, allowing a reopening or reconsidering of a deportation case.

In most situations, however, should you wish to come back to the US after being deported, you will have to start the procedure from scratch again, providing evidence and hoping you will be deemed eligible once more.

The whole process is scary, lengthy, and complex. It’s easy to lose hope and feel lost. At the Law Offices of Jennifer L. Bennett, we are here to back you up and guide you through the whole process, strengthening your case and setting you up for success.

Contact us today for help with your deportation case. Phone: 312 -972-7969 Email:

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