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Can my lack of parental involvement force me to lose child custody?

Yes, absolutely! Different forms of abuse and failure to comply with court orders are obvious reasons why a parent may be forced to lose child custody. However, these are not the only reasons.

Some examples of how a parent can neglect their responsibility to a child can be:

- Leaving them in the care of others for extended periods of time,

- Never spending time with the children,

- Or simply failing to be involved in the children’s lives with respect to things such as education and overall well-being.

- These actions may demonstrate to the court a pattern of behavior that is incompatible with good parenting.

The court will also have a close look at a parent’s past and present involvement with their children. They will investigate even before the court case is filed and also during the duration of the court case. For example, parents may act out in anger or refuse to cooperate in parenting their children out of resentment or anger for not having the freedom to make their own choices during the divorce process. However, a parent’s behavior during this time is of critical importance, and how much involvement a parent chooses to have, or not have, in their child/children’s lives will be heavily scrutinized by the court during this time.

Don’t lose any more precious and valuable parenting time with your children. The Jennifer L. Bennet Law Group team knows how much is at stake for our clients and their children. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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