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How can I build a strong VAWA case?

One misconception of providing evidence of the abuse is that people think they MUST have a police report in order for a VAWA petition to be successful. But as experienced immigration attorneys, we are often able to help you build a strong case if you have truly suffered abuse or extreme cruelty even if you do not have a police report or any similar documents. Below is a list of just a few types of examples of evidence that may be useful to prove that you qualify for a VAWA petition:

Hospital Records: If you ever had to go to the hospital for treatment of injuries resulting from abuse, you can request those records and any notes the hospital staff may have taken on that day to use as evidence.

Psychiatrist or therapist reports: Have you spoken to a mental health specialist about your situation? Those records can be excellent evidence, too.

Texts, emails, notes, voicemails, etc.: If you have received any threats, controlling messages, or even apologies for abusive behavior - keep those! Make sure it is clear to see who sent them and that they were meant for you.

Pictures: Any pictures showing injuries and any markings of the abuse can be provided, along with an explanation of what led to those injuries and when the photo was taken.

Declarations from people you have confided in: If you have shared your suffering with anyone, a written declaration from that person of how the abuse has affected you and what they know about it can support your case and serve as evidence.

Your own declaration: We understand how incredibly hard it can be to voice what you have gone through, but no one knows about the pain you have suffered more than you do. So a declaration in your own words telling the whole story will carry weight.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other forms of evidence you can provide that will strengthen your case. We will support you through every step of your VAWA application and make sure your case is as strong as it can be.

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