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How can I prove my green-card marriage is valid and legitimate?

As long as your marriage was truly in good faith, you shouldn’t worry too much. There are some steps you can take to help try to ensure that the U.S. government does not accuse you of marriage fraud and that they recognize your marriage as valid and legitimate.

  1. Know Your Spouse

It’s essential to know your spouse well and be confident that you are getting married for the right reasons, not just to secure residency status.

One of the biggest reasons that the U.S. government might suspect fraud is when there is a divorce shortly after the foreign-born party receives their green card from Immigration. Your intent before, during, and even after the green card process can be evaluated by Immigration (USCIS) in determining if you should be able to receive, and keep and maintain your green card at all future points in time.

  1. Include Documents Demonstrating Your Marriage

For anyone who applies for a marriage-based green card, the U.S. spouse must submit a visa petition to the immigration department via Form I-130. When this petition is filed, it’s important to include documents that demonstrate your bona fide marriage and that you and your spouse have a life together.

The documents could include, but are not limited to things such as:

● The fact that you live together (mortgage or rental agreement)

● If you have had children (birth certificates)

● You share finances (bank or credit card statements)

● You spend time together (photos, texts, letters, etc.)

  1. Address Any Potential Red Flags

● A large age difference

● Not living together

● Large educational or social differences

● A history of immigration petitions

● Not knowing each other’s family or friends

If you have a legitimate marriage, but you think a red flag like one of these might cause suspicion, you can address the situation by including a letter or other appropriate proofs to support your marriage with your petition. This gives you a chance to explain why something may seem odd but show that it does not mean your marriage is a fraud.

  1. Supply Additional Information at Your Green Card Interview

This is your chance to bring in additional evidence of your bona fide marriage that you weren’t able to send in when filing the petition.

Consult an immigration attorney prior to your interview and they can help prove the legitimacy of your marriage so that you can obtain permanent resident status!

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