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Types of abuse that a parent would lose custody of a child over

There are many kinds of abuse, but the most common types you hear about in family court cases are typically child abuse, sexual abuse, and substance abuse. If one parent or the other is engaging in any form of abusive behavior, the court will want to know and will undoubtedly take such into consideration when making a decision related to custody and the children in the case.

  1. Physical Abuse

Suppose abuse occurs in the home or under the care of a parent. In that case, it can have severe repercussions for custody arrangements and obviously, it affects the safety and well-being of the children. Hitting, slapping, and punching are the obvious forms of physical abuse, but the court will also be equally concerned with less obvious forms of abuse, as well.

  1. Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of minors may be more common than the average person thinks. It can be perpetrated by a parent, relative, or any adult who a parent allows having access to their child. Of course, the court will consider the scenario and all the relevant facts, but if this abuse has occurred, the court will take it very seriously, and it will definitely affect the case's outcome.

  1. Substance Abuse

Another common type of abuse that comes up often in divorce and custody cases is substance abuse. If either parent is known to abuse substances, whether it is alcohol or illegal drugs, the court will want to take a closer look at the parenting dynamic. The court always wants to ensure that they place the child in a safe home environment, with safe and sober parents whose judgment is not impaired while parenting their children.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that a hostile parent in a divorce or custody case may make abuse allegations out of spite. The court takes these abuse allegations very serious in nature! If the court learns that one parent is making unsupported allegations to win the court’s favor or delay the case and unnecessarily burden the court, the court will take that into consideration in making any final rulings in the case.

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