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What does marriage fraud look like and what are the penalties?

Marriage fraud is a very real thing and the consequences are severe. Therefore, immigration takes marriage fraud very seriously, investigating and bringing accusations against applicants that have engaged in such.

Here are some examples that may be deemed as a fraudulent marriage:

● When a U.S. citizen marries a foreign national in return for monetary compensation.

● Mail order grooms or brides that have the sole intent of defrauding the immigration system to obtain permanent resident status.

● More rarely, a foreign national may deceive a U.S. citizen to gain their permanent resident status.

Marriage fraud carries severe penalties to those who have involved themselves in such a situation, including criminal and other penalties. If you get convicted of marriage fraud, you could face:

● The denial of your adjustment of status application

● Deportation

● The denial of any subsequent visa petitions

● Up to five years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine

● Additional criminal charges, like visa fraud and harbouring an alien

The government could charge either or both people in the marriage with fraud if the marriage was entered with the intent to evade U.S. immigration laws. Marriage fraud is a serious offense. It’s not worth attempting to deceive the immigration department to obtain permanent resident status.

Are you being accused of marriage fraud, but your marriage is legitimate? Get in touch with the Law Offices of Jennifer L. Bennett today - we are here to help!

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