Caleigh Pistorius, a Legal Assistant, thrives on teamwork and client interactions. Her favorite part of the job is working closely with clients and her compassionate team, where kindness guides their work.

In the legal process, Caleigh is passionate about witnessing clients’ dreams come true when they receive work permits or green cards, marking the culmination of their hard work and patience.

Her journey into the legal profession was driven by a desire to find creative solutions to complex problems, influenced by her parents’ educational backgrounds in history and government. Caleigh values the uniqueness of each client and the creative approaches to strengthen their cases.

Beyond work, she enjoys hot yoga, F-1 Racing, and culinary adventures. Her cultural preferences include “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, “The White Lotus,” and movies like “La La Land” and “A Face in the Crowd.”

Prospective clients can trust in the office’s organization, professionalism, and teamwork, where each team member is passionate, deliberate, and dedicated to understanding and helping clients achieve their goals with honesty and transparency.