Mara Dunn serves as a dedicated Legal Assistant, bringing her unique passion and skills to the legal profession. Her favorite part of working in a law firm is the opportunity to interact with clients, allowing her to make meaningful connections and provide valuable support.

Mara’s true passion within the legal process lies in handling FOIAs (Freedom of Information Act requests). She enjoys the problem-solving and organizational aspects of this work, which align perfectly with her skills and interests.

Her journey into the legal field was a natural fit, driven by her desire to work closely with clients and contribute to a collaborative team environment. The camaraderie and synergy among her colleagues are aspects of her job that Mara highly values.

Beyond the office, Mara is passionate about supporting local music in the city, attending performances, and enjoying the vibrant music scene. Her literary tastes lean towards plays, old stories, and history books, reflecting her curiosity and appreciation for the arts and knowledge.