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What happens if I don't follow a court order?

When a judge has entered a court order and the order is in effect, both parents must abide! They must follow the terms of the court’s order with respect to parenting their children. Failure to obey can have a devastating effect on the well-being of their children, such as:

- physical health

- development and safety

- psychological and emotional development

- social development and behavior

- cognitive development and educational achievement


It can also affect their rights as a parent in court in front of the judge.

Something such as taking the children when you are not allowed to do so, or failing to drop them off with the other parent at the end of your designated parenting time, can be considered a failure to follow terms in court. This can also be considered child abduction! This is a pretty extreme allegation, but it can happen to you, and you don't want to find yourself at a significant disadvantage in court.

While it may be tempting to disregard a court’s order and proceed as you wish with your children, it is never a good idea. The effects can have a very devastating impact on your children, cause unnecessary hostility and tension between the parents, and can cause the court to lose the belief that you are a good honest parent.

Not complying with a court’s order shows a complete disregard for the law and will likely have a very negative impact on your case! Contact Jennifer L. Bennet’s Law Group today for help in family law in the Chicago area!

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