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Can I apply for a VAWA Green card even if I’m not a woman?

While VAWA has the word ‘women’ in the name (Violence Against Women Act) and while many victims of domestic violence are women and children, you can apply for a VAWA Green Card and relief under VAWA even if you are male. VAWA is available to any potential immigrant who is a victim of domestic abuse, regardless of gender.

Men have often experienced belittlement when reporting domestic abuse or neglect by their partners, being told to “be a man” and “get over it”. So the decision to make VAWA inclusive of men, despite it still being called the Violence Against Women Act, is an attempt to fight those social biases against men who are being abused by their partners.

The eligibility for VAWA relief doesn’t stop at your spouse, either, you can use a VAWA self-petition even if you are experiencing abuse by a parent or your children that are US citizens or permanent residents.

Don’t hesitate any longer to take the first step, even if you feel like you may not have enough proof or enough documentation, we urge you to reach out to us so we can assess your case.

Phone: 312 -972-7969

To learn more about the entire VAWA process, click here.

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