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What are some marriage fraud red flags?

The U.S. government tends to believe that a large number of the marriage-based immigration applications it receives are fraudulent or fake. Due to this number, the immigration agencies will take a closer look at some applications, particularly when it spots the "red flags" described below.

The following types of personal characteristics or living situations raise questions in the eyes of USCIS or the consulate:

● No shared language

● A vast difference in age

● Difference in religion

● Different social class or cultural background

● Difference in race

● Unequal educational background

● Different addresses

● Same house, but no actual interaction

● Secret marriage

● All-too-convenient timing of marriage

● Attempts to manufacture evidence of shared life right before USCIS interview

● Marriage soon after you met

● Marriage soon after one person's divorce

● History of U.S. petitioner sponsoring other spousal immigrants

● Noncitizen comes from a country with a history of immigration fraud

● No children if the woman is of childbearing age

● Impoverished U.S. citizen or resident petitioner

● History of crimes, fraud, or lies by either spouse

Your immigration attorney may be key in sharing their experience with you to help you figure out the best way to prove your case and squash any red flags that may exist in your real, good faith marriage.

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